Bails Studio


Who is this Bails guy?


Jordan Bails

Growing up around a skilled furniture maker and wood turner for a grandfather I was influenced early in my life to explore timber as a medium for creating. He always pushed me to not only learn the skills required to work with wood, but for me to understand a timber species characteristic and to love the process of making rather than just the finished result.  

Soon after completing my Masters of Architecture in Adelaide, Australia, I made the jump over the big blue pond to Ottawa, Canada where I joined the Ottawa City Woodshop, and have surrounded myself with creative, like-minded people with a passion for wood.

I have an absolute passion for maximizing the beautiful resource that is a tree and I feel I need to give it justice every time I make something. 

I hope you will join me through this journey and enjoy these objects which I intend to outlast ourselves and create a great point of conversation between friends and family.