Bails Studio


Frequently Asked Questions


How often is your shop updated?

While I have many items that are made to order, if there are any objects such as a spoon that has a very unique grain characteristic I will list that as a separate item. I am constantly experimenting with new designs and that will hopefully lead to a constant updating of the shop..

Do you take custom requests?

I am always open for new challenges. If there is something on your mind which you want to make a reality then sure please message me and let's talk about it.


Why would I buy from you and not a big chain store?

I’m sure a book could be written on this subject, but I will keep it short. Other than supporting a small local business, there is a sense of satisfaction that comes from owning a beautifully handcrafted object. It may be the few thousand small knife cuts that turn a piece of timber into a spoon, or how the wood used in that item came from a tree deeply-rooted in the city’s history, there is always a story to tell about a handmade item.

Who makes these products?

All theses objects are made by myself, Jordan Bails.

Why are some products in your image gallery not in the shop?

You may have noticed that there are some funky looking timber species that are foreign to North America. That is because I am from Australia and before I moved to Canada this was the more native timber species that were available to me. Many of those items are either in my own kitchen or given as gifts to family or friends.

The product that I want to buy says "Made to Order" in the description. How long will it take to make?

I would usually aim to have your item made within a week of you ordering it depending on the size of the order and what it contains. Larger items like furniture pieces have a lead time of 4 weeks.