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Wood Care

Wood Care

As a part of the process, when I make products that will be exposed to water I raise the grain by wetting the wood. This results in a fluffy, coarse-feeling wood surface. I then sand that back and repeat the process until wood no longer does so. Each piece is then finished with a homemade wood butter. It is my goal that your product lasts for generations and with a few quick and easy steps you can help this happen.



Avoid allowing wood to come in contact with liquids for a prolonged period of time. When washing the products, wipe off excessive food particles and wipe down with a mild dish soap. Immediately pat dry. Avoid putting any product in a dishwasher.

As the wood ages through use it may darken, this is natural and you should embrace it. However, if a stain does develop, try putting some baking soda on the area and rub it with a wet dish cloth.


Ongoing Maintenance 

When you receive the wooden product new it will be smooth and freshly coated in homemade wood butter. Through use this coating will wear down and the wood may look a little dry and fuzzy. This is a great time to refinish it.

Using a fine sandpaper (600 grit works great) rub the wood until it is smooth again. Then using a food-safe wood wax. My homemade wood butter can be found here. Other options could be coconut oil. Try and stay away from oils such as olive oil that tend to turn rancid.

You will find that you will have to oil and maintain your products more when first using them. However, over time the timber will build up with oil and be able to withstand longer between refinishing.

If you have any questions about maintaining your timber products feel free to get in touch with me.